Largo Delay Spray

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Largo Delay Spray Price in Pakistan:

Largo delay spray price in pakistan can make you a wild beast in bed. It is so powerful that it has no competitors. Till now no one has made this kind of product and we believe that no one has thought about it other than pills and gel kind of stuff. Largo delay spray price in pakistan contains Lidocaine ingredient. It is known for its numbing characteristics and is very safer than it alternatives. Lidocaine is used in hospitals for medical purposes but it also found its way to sexual problem related products like largo delay spray price in pakistan.

Largo delay spray in pakistan are getting a lot of popular now a days. There are other options than delay sprays for example delaying condom, some people rely on them instead of largo delay spray in pakistan urdu. But these types of condoms do not give the type of satisfactory results that sprays like Largo delay spray give. Largo delay spray in pakistan is not a permanent solution but rather it is a temporary one largo delay spray buy official website.

How Does Largo Delay Spray Work:

Well, it works like a condom but gives better results than it. It means that you won’t be able to feel the warmth feeling of vagina but your partner will still be satisfied though largo delay spray. You wouldn’t need to do anything as largo delay spray will start to wear off in 4 to 6 hours of application largo delay spray reviews. The first orgasm after spraying largo king size super delay spray will likely be a good one as you will be feeling some friction on the skin, and in about 4 to 8 mins you will ejaculate largo delay spray how to use.

Largo delay spray side effects But the bad thing about Largo delay spray is that after first ejaculation you will go for another round and then you will no longer feel the sensitiveness and it will be only your partner who will be enjoying. Also avoid spraying too much and don’t let the liquid in the spray reach your testicles (scrotum). Why not let it touch your scrotum? Well, because it is unnecessary largo delay spray where to buy.

How To Use Largo Delay Spray:

  • Apply 2 or 3 applications of the penis glan (head)
  • Start from lower number of sprays and gradually increase to find that sweet spot
  • Start from 2 sprays in the beginning
  • If you want to last longer than normal than also spray on the penis shaft


It would be ok to spray on the shaft but you will no longer feel anything but your partner will be. What largo delay spray use in urdu does after application is that is reduces sensitivity, prolonged erection, your partner gets satisfied.


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